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Fido Fave

Fido Fave Dog Dryer High Velocity Professional Dog/Pet Grooming Force Hair Dryer/Blower

Fido Fave Dog Dryer High Velocity Professional Dog/Pet Grooming Force Hair Dryer/Blower

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  • Whisper-Quiet Operation: Pamper your pet with a low-noise grooming instrument, operating between 70-90 decibels. Enjoy a tranquil grooming experience while ensuring your pet's comfort.
  • Customizable Airflow and Temperature Control: Take full control of your grooming session with adjustable airflow (1-9 levels) and temperature settings (86°F-140°F). Tailor the experience to suit your pet's preferences and specific grooming needs.
  • Negative Ion Combing Switch: Elevate your grooming routine with the negative ion combing switch. Experience smooth and tangle-free combing for a polished finish and a happy pet.
  • 3 Versatile Grooming Tools: Choose from three expertly designed grooming tools – 1 Flat Nozzle, 1 Round Nozzle, 1 Eight finger Nozzle. Each tool is crafted for specific grooming needs, ensuring a tailored approach for every pet.
  • Grooming for All Hair Lengths: Catering to the diverse needs of cats and dogs, our dryer is equipped for all hair lengths. Whether your pet has a short, medium, or long coat, FIDOFAVE has you covered.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Best dryer

This is the best product. The first time I washed my goldendoodle with super fluffy long hair I used a regular blow dryer it took forever an hour last and he still wasn’t completely dry and he was super scared. I decided to give this a shot and he is not phased at all and it is super fast. Take around a half hour to be completely dry a little less if you don’t want super dry or has shorter hair. I have used it several time and it seems to hold up well.

Great for poodles !!

I am sooo glad I bought this blow dryer I got it on Black Friday for a very good price and I’m so glad I did !! I have a 2 dogs a standard poodle a toy poodle and I will have a miniature poodle soon but my standard (Suzie) holds a ton of water due to her hair texture and it takes forever to get her even remotely dry so instead of spending a bunch of money at the groomer I finally buckled down and got one of these blow dryers along with a happy hoodie and I am sooooo glad I did this is a major game changer I highly recommend this to all you fellow poodle and doodle owners out there !!!

Professional grade

Feels like a salon-quality dryer. A great tool for any pet owner. Has made drying my dogs so much easier. Powerful and fast.

Strong and efficient

Dries my retriever quickly. A bit loud, but the power is unmatched. Excellent for thick-coated breeds. Dries fast and reduces grooming time significantly.

Exelent product.

I highly recommended it. It Is strong and dry fast.