Smart Way to Get Your Cat Stop Drinking from the Faucet

Shannon  My cats love it!

I had been looking for something like this to entertain my cats. I have two that love to drink from the sink and the tub faucet. To the point where they meow harshly at me when I am getting ready in the morning to turn on the water. I can't leave the water on, but I can leave this fountain on all day. 


Plus, it holds a lot of water. I have only had to top it off once since I got it a about 5 days ago. It was about 1/2 empty this morning and that is after having 4 cats drink from it constantly. The fountain keeps the water cleaner than the bowl and prevents my one kitty from knocking the water to make it move. It was easy to assemble using the picture on the Amazon page.


The pump is whisper quiet and the water flowing doesn't make a lot of noise. They like this thing so much, I will have to buy at least two other ones for my house. I recommend it. My only problem was the description said 3 filters, and I received only 2 in the box. I contacted the company and they are shipping my other filter out. I think it was just a packaging error. Overall, I think this is worth it if your pet enjoys moving water. It keeps the water clean and contained. 3 of my 4 cats enjoy this immensely. The product also encourages my one cat who doesn't like to drink to drink.

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