How to Stop Your Cat From Waking You Up in the Morning

K Flo  We can sleep past 4 am

That is all you need to know. Pistol Pete is an adorable feline however the 4 am wake up and feed me calls were getting old. He would gently tap our faces but if ignored he'd go to the bedside table and start swatting stuff onto the floor. Subtle.


The Fido Fave automatic feeder is the perfect remedy; not just for those early am wake up calls but also to portion out the feedings. We give him dry food now 4x a day ; two 3-portion meals and two 1 portion snacks. He used to nag us throughout the day as if he had not been fed in weeks.


Only downside is he often sits vigil next to the feeder. Waiting... waiting...


PS at first he tried to tamper with it but the lid's on pretty secure and plus I said No firmly. He's let that go.


PSS how I read the display: I dislodge the feeding tray, pick up the feeder and put it on the counter; tip it gently back wards and voila the touch screen is fully visible. Again the lid is so snug not a chance it will fall off except maybe if you tip the whole thing upside down and shake it.

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