7 Powerful Dog Training Secrets From The Experts

Hi, Jason here from Fido Fave Pet Supplies. Today I will give you 7 powerful dog training secrets.

1. First secret, show non-verbal signs to the dog.

The dog does not know the language but knows and follows non-verbal signs. Show with the non-verbal signs what behavior you approve and what you don't approve.

2. Second secret, plan ahead.

Carefully select the environment, and prepare the equipment (collar, straps, etc.) and pet treats.

3. Third secret, create a list of behavioral cues.

Training a dog is not just learning a certain behavior. Sometimes you need to learn second behavior to override the first one. Example: If you want the dog to stop jumping it is necessary to teach him to lie down.

4. Fourth, expectations should be realistic.

Realistic expectations don't just mean the expected learning time. There are other limitations such as an individual dog's differences, an age of a dog, and emotional maturity of a dog.

5. Fifth secret, feelings. When training your dog, be positive and have fun.

That way, it will be easier to achieve the desired goal.

6. The sixth secret, begin with easier, ie basic commands.First train the basic commands such as "sit", "lie down", "stand up", "let go", etc.

7. Seventh secret, duration of dog training.The optimal training time is from 20 seconds to 5 minutes.Shorter training time will retain the motivation of the dog.

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