Raving Reviews: The FIDO FAVE  Bathing Kit Delivers an Unbeatable Dog Bathing Experience!

Weekly Featured Customer Review

In this week's featured customer reviews, we have two ecstatic dog owners sharing their experiences with the FIDO FAVE  Bathing Kit. Puglover and Radar626 couldn't contain their excitement over this innovative product that has revolutionized their dog bathing routines. Let's dive into their rave reviews!


Review 1 - Puglover:

Rating: ★★★★★ (5 stars)

Title: Should have bought this eons ago

Puglover starts off by expressing their love for the FIDO FAVE Bathing Kit and how it has been a game changer for bathing their dogs. After using the Rinse Ace shower attachments in the past, they decided to give the FIDO FAVE a try. Puglover is impressed with the spray and pressure, which can be adjusted for different dog sizes and areas, including the head and face. They particularly enjoy the rubber tooth comb head, which allows for rinsing down to the skin and massaging in shampoo or conditioner.


What truly blew Puglover away was the outstanding customer support from the company. When they experienced a mild leaking issue, they reached out to the company and received an immediate response, even on a weekend. The company not only sent them replacement parts but also followed up to ensure everything was working to their satisfaction. With four dogs of varying sizes and coat lengths, Puglover highly recommends the FIDO FAVE Bathing Kit to anyone in need of a dog bathing solution.


Review 2 - Radar626:

Rating: ★★★★★ (5 stars)

Title: Super product and even better customer service!


Radar626 shares their delightful experience with the FIDO FAVE Bathing Kit. They describe the easy installation process, taking only five minutes with minimal tools required. Bathing their 90-pound American Bulldog has become significantly easier with this kit. The attached scrubbie nubs effectively clean their dog, and the option to flip them back when not needed is a convenient feature.


What truly stands out for Radar626 is the little suction cup that holds the showerhead on the wall. It provides an extra set of hands, eliminating the struggle of juggling the dog, scrubbing, and managing the showerhead simultaneously. The reviewer humorously points out that this kit makes them wonder why they hadn't considered it before, saving them from hours of cleanup and unnecessary soakings.


In conclusion, both Puglover and Radar626 sing praises for the FIDO FAVE Bathing Kit. With its efficient design, versatility, and added convenience, it has become an indispensable tool for dog owners seeking an enjoyable and stress-free bathing experience. Save yourself the hassle and consider getting this kit for your furry friend. Your pup will thank you, and you'll wonder why you didn't discover it sooner!

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