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Fido Fave

Fido Fave Shedding Brush for Dog Cat Pet Grooming

Fido Fave Shedding Brush for Dog Cat Pet Grooming

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  • Reduces Shedding: Effectively removes loose fur, reduces shedding by up to 95%, great for regular grooming of pets
  • Easy to Use: Comfortable grip, Easy to hold and clean, Simple to switch sides
  • Works on Multiple Pets: Suitable for cats, dogs, horses.
  • Dual Edge Design: Suitable for both undercoat and topcoat
  • Heavy Duty: Made with heavy-duty stainless steel
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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Easy to use, works

This brush worked great in my Great Danes and my long haired chihuahua. It didn’t pull hair or make them uncomfy in the process. It removed nice amounts of hair from both cost types. A great feature in the button you push that pushes all the hair out of the combs. It makes for a very easy cleaning process as you’re brushing. The combs easily rotate so you can pick the appropriate width you need. The weight and handle/grip are comfortable and feel of quality! Overall a solid and nice brush.

Works great even on short hair

I have a beagle mix and while her hair is not long, she still sheds a lot. This does the trick. The very forst time using it my dog was a little confused but within minutes she relaxed and layer on the side. When I stopped she put her paw on me to keep going, so it works great as massager and scratcher too I guess hahahahha

Good shedding brush

This brush works pretty well on my fluffy dog! The blade is about 4.5” long, which is a good size for medium-large dogs. The tines are the same length on both sides, but one side has narrower spacing than the other (see my photo). There are no instructions included, but it’s pretty intuitive. There’s a thumb button to push the fur release/self cleaning bar (which works a little better than doing it yourself, but isn’t really a one-handed thing for my dog – her fur still clings a bit just with static electricity). And there’s also a tension latch that allows you to swivel the blade around to switch sides. And most importantly, it works!

Heavy, durable, not really meant for short hair cats

As far as durability, there is no comparison to the dollar store brushes. It’s heavy and easy to clean. We have an American short hair cat, so this brush seems more appropriate for longer hair cats and dogs. The brush only seemed to take off the surface hair, so my cat was still full of loose hair the brush didn’t remove.

It works!

I have a Rottweiler and we had bought brushes but they were all pretty fragile. This was our third one and this one is GREAT! Love it!