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If you are getting ready to have a kitten
Please check out the Breeding Manual...


  1. Confirm whether you are allergic

For cats that shed hair twice a year, once for half a year, the first thing to do is to confirm whether you are allergic to cat hair

*Expansion of the question: What should I do if I am not allergic to my own cat but allergic to someone else cat?

- Consult a professional such as a veterinarian

-Choose cats that are low in allergens


  1. Physical examination and immunization:

The first task after getting a cat is to find a nearby veterinarian for physical examination and immunization

*Extended question: What do cats need to do to have a healthy and happy life?

-Sterilization at an appropriate age

- If conditions permit, regular physical examination and immunization


  1. Litter box and cat litter

Cats need a shaded and safe place to go to the toilet: choose a good litter box to effectively prevent cats from pulling

*Expansion of the question: What are the characteristics of high-quality cat litter?

-Cats hand-picked

- Less dust, easy to agglomerate quickly

*Extended question: how to choose a great cat litter box?

- Low noise

- De-flavor grab

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  1. Toys and space

Cats need space to be happy

*Expand the question: What is the cat's favorite toy?

- Large and small courier boxes

-Plastic bag and half feather

-Smart electric cat teaser


  1. Brush teeth, cut nails

To be a healthy and delicate kitten, get used to the positive guidance of brushing teeth and clipping nails as soon as possible

*Expand the question: What tools do cats need to take a bath?

-Coat smooth: Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush with UV Sterilization

- Grooming: Pet Clipper Kit & Suction Pet Hair, Professional Grooming Clippers with 2 cutting lengths

- Manicure: Pet Nail grinder

- Wash fragrance: Quality Sink Faucet Pet Wash Kit

-Blow dry hair: Pet Hair Dryer, Portable Dog Grooming Hair Dryer with Self Cleaning Slicker Brush


  1. Scratching posts and treats

Scratching is a way for cats to vent their emotions. Cats sharpen their claws and rest well!

*Expansion of the question: When is the best time to feed cats snacks?

- After the staple food is eaten

- When correct guidance is required

- when encouragement is needed


  1. Accompanying time

A big home, but a small cat; cats are independent, but they also need to have enough time to accompany and take care of them

*Expansion of the question: How should cats be accompanied?

-Accompany cats to play with favorite toys

-Groom cats and feed them treats

- Do your own thing, the cat will stay by


Bring back kittens!
There is another very important task
Need to stick to it till the end! ! !
FIDO FAVE inherits the idea from "The Little Prince": "Because you domesticated me, we need each other."
The lifespan of a cat is about 20 years
Don't give up after taking home
Hope to be by your side all the time
FIDO FAVE will definitely be by your side
Guardian growth
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