Tips for Dog Nail Care from 15 Years Groomer

D.J. Larson  Best Option I have found for dog nail care

I've been a groomer almost 15 years and I'm pleasantly shocked by this product. The quality for the price point is pretty incredible. I haven't used it long term to see how the battery holds up with everyday use yet but will update in time. In comparison, I've always used dremmel brand which are heavy, loud, expensive, and frequently cease to work after 6 months use. This product is light weight, easy to maneuver, and the tip is HIGH quality. The fact that it's not sand paper means the life is much much longer. It didn't need all the heavy duty power of a regular dremmel because the tip files with ease. It's very quiet in comparison to other dremmels I've used and even my nervous dog didn't mind it. (He usually whines when I do his nails.) I can't wait to try this on my everyday clientele. Even if the battery doesn't hold up over time it's still a lot cheaper to replace than a dremmel brand product!

Tips for common complaints:

I've noticed a few reviews of people stating that the dogs nail didn't fit in the guard. The guard is removable for larger nails. You can give it a twist and pull, it'll pop right off.

If your dog has really long nails, don't hold the nail grinder on them consistently without breaking contact. It can heat up the nail bed and be quite painful. Make sure you are rolling over the nail rounding it in quick strokes and breaking contact. You can also trim with Clippers first then round the edges.

If you have a nervous dog, you can give them a tasty bone or Kong toy with peanut butter as a distraction. Always start when your dog is in a relaxed state and use lots of positive reinforcement. Touching your dogs paws frequently, even when you aren't planning to trim the nails, is a great way to build trust for when you need to touch their feet. I always recommend to clients to examine the mouths and feet so their pet is accustomed to it. That way you can check for dental issues or injuries to their feet without the pet panicking.

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