The Brand Story of Fido Fave Pet Supplies

I loved dogs so much since I was a child, I always wanted one, but my mother always asked me a question, can you take good care of your pet by yourself? So I got my first dog until graduated from university school , a brown border collie (born March 15, 2013).

Before choosing a pet, I spent a lot of time learning how to choose a pet dog that suits me and my family, and also learned a lot about the physiological habits and care standards of the corresponding pet dog. In the end, I chose a border collie, which is smart and agile, and loves sports. Of course, it also needs to deal with hair loss and walk more time.

He came to our house on a rainy day on May 24, 2013. There were 4 puppies which were 2 months old in the kennel. I stayed in the kennel for 2 hours to observe which one is more suitable for me. The owner of the kennel later herded the one who could play with the frisbee to play, and finally one of puppies kept running and playing with the frisbee, so I chose him and named him Oscar, because he was an actor.

Every morning I get up an hour earlier than usual, take him out to play, and come back at night an hour later, my parents will help take care of him at noon. Every morning, I would tell him that I was going to work, and he would stop and watch me leave. When I came back from work in the evening, he would always wait for my car to come back at the door and greet me as soon as possible. On weekends, we will drive to a less crowded place, let him go to enjoy the freedom of the leash, and train him to play Frisbee and ball toys. He likes to play Frisbee very much.

I kept learning about pet-related knowledge and how to get along with him better, correcting his behavior of protecting food and chasing moving objects, soothing him for bathing, blowing hair, combing hair, and cutting hair. In terms of diet, I care more about fresh food and eat less dog food. I only use dog food when I don’t have enough time (such as business trips, overtime, and travel). He gradually integrates into our lives and becomes a member of our family. As "The Little Prince" said, "If you tame me, then we shall need each other. To me, you will be unique in all the world. To you, I shall be unique in all the world…!” He understands our expressions, attitudes, words, but may not do as we wish:) don’t forget he is an actor.

In 2019, I began to think about pet business. Based on my relationship with him, I found that many products on the market did not meet our needs. Many products were not based on the mutual needs of pet owners and pets, but more Only from the perspective of the convenience of pet owners, such products cause harm to pets during use, finally cause inconvenience to pet owners. After doing more in-depth research, I found that this is true not only for dogs, but also for cats, for any pet. 

Therefore, in this project Fido Fave Pet Supplies, my original intention is always dedicated to enhancing Pet Parent’s knowledge and enjoyment of the human-animal bond!The product itself can give pet owners more pet knowledge, more in line with pet habits, and more scientific. The design of our products is based on making people pet easier, more fun, and rewarding.

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