How to Keep a Dog Happy & Healthy in an Apartment or Smaller Space

Your dog is your best friend, but if you’re living in an apartment with your four-footed buddy or considering adopting a dog, how do you keep him both happy and healthy in a smaller space.


The number one way to keep your dog happy is to make sure he or she gets lots of exercise. Since they can't run around inside, they need to let out some energy and play multiple times a day, if you give your best friend time and space to run around outdoors on a regular basis, you won't have to let out his frustration on your new shoes.  

Twice a day is the bare minimum for getting your dog outdoors. If your lifestyle prevents this, find a neighbor or dog sitter to help out. Also plan on weekly high-intensity exercise like running. 

Give your dog his own space at home, find it easier to relax if they have a place they regularly retreat to. This little doggie Haven can have a dog bed a few toys or food and water bowls, if he's crate trained make his crate comfortable. 

Stick to a routine, dogs thrive when they have a routine. Try to walk your dog at the same times each day, so he knows when to expect it. The same goes for meals, your dog will adapt to his food and outdoor schedules, so he’s ready to go to the bathroom when you take him out. 


Make some dog friends. Dogs can interact with other dogs in ways they can't with you. Visit a dog park or make friends with people who walk when you do.  Puppy playdates are also good.

Getting some training for your dog is always a good idea. If he knows the rules you'll both be happier. Crate training is good for loud or defensive breeds, and gives your dog a safe place to retreat to when you're gone. 


If you haven’t gotten a dog yet, certain breeds like Datsuns and Miniature Pinschers are more likely to thrive in small apartments. Even low-energy large breeds like Great Danes and Saint Bernards, can be happy although they might really make you wish you'd signed up for a bigger floor plan.



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