Customer Review of 3 in 1 Self Cleaning Brush Set

Fido Fave Pet Supplies 3 in 1 Self Cleaning Brush Set build quality looks to be very good, with well produced parts, no rough or sharp edges, and nicely fitting together pieces.The Brush heads all look good, with good quality bristles, tines and rakes.

Being a man, and therefore genetically predisposed to ignore instructions and diving straight in, we put all three heads on, pushed the button and worked out it only de-haired two of the three heads - the Grooming Brush, and the Shedding Brush, with the scary looking Dematting Rake being non-de-hair-able - what a brilliant made up word! If it catches on, remember you heard it here first! - and rendering the button superfluous.

Right... I think we know how it works...

After giving our three victims, err .. volunteers, a call, Buster, as always, is first to arrive.

Buster is our 8 month old Jack Russell pup, with a winning smile, and a can-do attitude.He's usually up for anything to do with product testing, being test subject for many things.Brushes are not his favourite, and often make him angry.Angry enough to try and sabotage the product test by either running away, or trying to eat the Brush.

He "helped" with the unwrapping of the product and the trial run of head changes, by snapping, grabbing, and trying to steal, anything he could.

We decided that the De-Hairing Scary Rake - was too much for Buster's short haired coat, so only two of the three heads would be tested.It would be very useful for longer, or thicker, coated dogs 🐕.

He allowed the Grooming Brush a good go at brushing, objecting to only his underside being brushed, which is fair enough, as if someone tried to brush my stomach, I would have serious words with them, and not all those words, would be polite.A small amount of hair came off him.As expected as he doesn't shed much and has weekly baths, plus showers when he comes home dirty.It was enough to test the "magic" self cleaning head.... top 🎩 hat on.... push the button... and it works! Brilliant! Easy as that.

The Shedding Brush was a very similar experience.With a bit more objection from Buster.He didn't like this one very much.Not much hair was produced.Buster was excused, but stayed to laugh at Trevor, who was next in line.

Trevor 🐈‍⬛, our 5 year old, massive, belligerent, curmudgeon cat, was busy laughing at Buster's experience.Too busy laughing to notice it was his turn.So it came as a shock when he was grabbed, and unceremoniously brushed.He hated it. He always does.
We got most of a back and sides done before it was announced as being too much, and he was declared "out".The magic button produced a fine black mat of hair.The other two heads were not allowed by Trevor. With a whirl or claws and teeth, his turn was terminated.

Ella 🐈, our 2 year old, Tortoiseshell Calico, little madam, had watched with interest, and with a meoaw and a brrrp, stalked off when it was her turn, declaring she wanted no part of this, and threatened violence if she was to be enlisted.Valuing our hands and faces, we respected her decision.She can be a bit stroppy.

Overall, the Brush was very easy and natural to use.
Changing heads was easy.
Cleaning the heads was easy.
Grooming the dog, and cats was moderately difficult, but not due to the Brush, thstmade the process slightly less painful.

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