Tips to Dry Your Cat Quickly

Justin Montagna  My cat actually enjoys being dried

I never thought I would see the day that after bathing my cat, she would be happy being dried with a dryer!

Typically what we would do is corner her into submission and utilize the blow dryer on the lowest settings and hope that she would be comfortable enough while she sat through at least an hour of getting her to be damp instead of soaked.

I had been looking online for something else because she's getting towards the end of her life and we want to make her as comfortable as possible in every aspect of her life. So I did my research and found this product. At first I thought it was too good to be true, but it has definitely made me a believer!

First impression - this dryer with brush is much bigger than anticipated, however, not an issue as we are able to get more surface area dried in less time! My cat was hesitant at first due to the sound, which to us sounded like a typical blow dryer on the higher setting, but the lower setting is relatively more quiet, but will take a little longer.

She is completely dried within an hour (we have to give her breaks to not be so agitated every 15 min) which is much more than I can say for our previous ventures with this process and thank whoever invented this concept! I'm sure if she wan't such an old curmudgeon we would be done within a half an hour.

We've owned ours for a few months now and love it, so this is definitely a great investment if you're looking for an efficient way to dry your fur baby and also make them enjoy getting dried!

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