How to Bathe Your Dog in The Bathtub

Juperson  Best product for dog owners yet!

Best product for dog owners yet!

I have two dogs and one is super anxious, so we can’t take him to a groomer. That means we break our backs to wash him in the tub.

Before we installed this sprayer, we used a large cup and would leave the water running to fill it and dump on the dogs.

This sprayer has saved a TON of water. It has an on/off switch on the side so you can easily turn it with one hand while washing. We used to run out of hot water half way thru washing the second dog. Today we washed both dogs and I had enough hot water to take a shower after!

The rubber splash shield is genius! My dogs are wiggly when being bathed and we didn’t get water everywhere!

It has a handy suction mechanism for the sprayer head. You can suction it to the wall instead of clipping the sprayer to the shower head. It’s also great for having the fancy double shower head effect. You can direct the water to one head or the other or both!

My husband installed it super fast and only using a wrench.

I can’t wait to use it to wash the dye out of my hair!

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