Bath Day Tips for Pet Parent and Pet

AnnaT Bath day is still hell but it takes up so much LESS TIME

Okay, so I have an adult Pomeranian, we’ve had him for about 5 months and let me tell you, we ALL hate bath day.

It’s no picnic for me, my SO, or my dog. It took about 3-4 hours from start to end with a bath taking maybe 30-45 min. Even after all those hours we would just get him to a damp undercoat and dry top coat and just settle and let him air dry the rest of the way. He hates my blow dryer and sadly he doesn’t like this product much better the sound level is about the same.

HOWEVER, it takes much less time to dry with this dryer with self cleaning brush, I don’t need two hands (1 for the hair dryer, the other for the brushes), and he became compliant after an hour. In total from bath to drying it took only TWO hours as opposed to FOUR (and still being damp).I do wish the cord were a little longer and the brush is kinda huge for a small dog so I have to hold it close to the head of the brush but it’s worth it. 

Usually after bath time even when we do it at the start of the day my SO and I feel wiped out afterwards for the rest of the day with the frustration, anxiety, and stress of the whole situation. After using this, we’re ready to go on with the rest of today!

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