5 Tips for Going on a Long Road Trip

Hi guys, this is Jason from Fido Fave Pet Supplies and today we're gonna be talking about the top 5 tips for going on a long road trip with your dog in a couple weeks, so everybody is happy healthy and comfortable.


Tip #1  don't go for that long trip all at once to start with. Don’t throw your dog in the van and say hey we're gonna drive for fifteen hours hope you do well. We don't want to do that we want to start with short trips to your friends houses, maybe a trip for the weekend a couple hours away then maybe a six hour trip you want to really build up to that big trip if you can, so that your dog isn’t shocked the first time he has to sit in a car for a really long period of time. You also know your dog better you’ll know his tolerances you'll know what he likes you'll know how he settles in the car and that's really what we want we want a calm relaxed dog, having short trips that go really well will help build up to that big longer trip tip.

Tip #2 exercise your dog first, so if you know you're going on a really big trip tomorrow and you gotta leave it like 6 a.m. I'm gonna make sure that today he goes on a really long hike he goes running with me, he goes biking he does some type of very vigorous exercise a couple hours if he's tolerant of that and used to that type of thing. So that he's tired for tomorrow I really want to pre exercise my dog. Now if I'm leaving later in the afternoon, I'm gonna do that exercise in the warming so that they're really tired on the day of . But you gotta leave really early and that’s not part of it, so exercise the day before don't leave. I'm sitting in the house all day because I know you've got a pack and you're rushing around and doing stuff put the time in your calendar to exercise your dog first then he'll be a more settled and relaxed partner as you drive down to wherever you're going tip.

Tip #3 keep your dog safe in the car, the safest way for your dog to travel in most cars is in a crash tested crate in your car away from the back, so you want to keep your dog in a crate if they'll tolerate it , because it keeps them the most safe in the event of accident, nobody wants an accident to happen. But sometimes it does and having your dog crated means that they don’t become a projectile or go through your window I know it's a little dark, but it does happen and nobody expects it to happen. So if you can create your dog the other reason to create your dog is they tend to relax more and settle when they're in a confined space. Also if you need to run into the store or get some gas you know the dog isn't wandering around the car getting into trouble, so it keeps them safe, it keeps them protected and it gives you the peace of mind knowing that your dog isn't getting into any trouble during the ride, and they'll be more likely to relax in a crate now if you can't create your dog you want to try and seatbelt your dog. You want to give some way that your dog is protected in the event of an accident and stays put when they need to, so you want to get a crash tested seatbelt .

Tip #4 bring a lot for your dog to do in the car so that means chewing project. A chewing project is something like a call and that's what I'm gonna start out with when I've just been able to pull them out of the freezer. Then usually you're not gonna have a freezer with you so then you can transition to something like Bully Sticks tracheas those kinds of things that are going to keep your dog entertained. Usually a Nylabone or something that’s not as his food isn't gonna do it for your dog. So you want to bring something really engaging that they want to chew on. So in those periods where they get a little bit of restless, you can say hey why don't you chew on this have them calm down relax and they'll start associating this long road trip with something really awesome that they're doing so definitely bring lots for your dog to do while they're stationary in the car.

Tip #5 lots of bathroom breaks, so you want to make stops every time you're getting gas or switching drivers you want to let your dog out to stretch their legs. Take a bathroom break and maybe have a little game of tug or frisbee I also when I’m on a long trip try to find a park periodically for that longer leg stretching so if your dog loves to play ball or loves to play frisbee. I'm gonna look on my GPS and see hey there's a park nearby let's stop there instead give the dog at least a walk around. Put them on a long line let them stretch their legs, play a little bit they get themselves a little bit tired if you bring them back in and they sleep for the rest of the ride. So I do that every six seven hours or so,  but I do pee breaks more towards three or four hours, just to make sure that he doesn't have to go to the bathroom and he's all set to keep going and isn't uncomfortable, because we want our dog to feel happy going on road trips.  Because the reason you're bringing them is probably cuz you love your dog you want to go everywhere with you so you want to make sure that they've got their bathroom habits under control, and also a little bit exercise every time you stop.

So that's it those are my top five tips for road tripping with your dog so now get out there and have an adventure with your pup if you like this article. Comment below, give it a thumbs up:) 

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