30KM Hiking?SO EASY!

Cultivating heart and inspiration  Make Good BetterFancy Hiding  Wonderful

After 1114 days, Fancyonce again launched the best (no one) team building method exclusively for Fancypeople.

"Cultivating heart and inspiration, making good better", how to abuse, how to come.

With Fancy's attitude, let us become more qualified Fancy-people through tempering and tempering.

#Hiking Collection VIDEO


This time, the team is divided into 6 groups, let's witness their style.


Group 1 Ah! Right right team

Do not abandon, do not give up.

Every partner is the most important member of the team.

Therefore, fighting side by side will bring the final counterattack.

#Group 1 VIDEO



Group 2 Gourd Little King Kong team

Life is a hiking, the way up the mountain has to go, and the way down the mountain has to go even more.

On the road, you will be breathless and tired, so tired that your soul will leave the body, and you will be so tired that your steps stagger.

But we know that the end is there, and as long as we keep going, we will definitely get there.

The happy Gourd Little King Kong team will always be the strongest.

#Group 2 VIDEO



Group 3 Deep blue team

A very invincible combination, with explosive physical strength, beautiful appearance and lively atmosphere.

The strong team should go further, but the sudden situation disrupted the rhythm,

Don't be afraid, you will have the last laugh next time.

#Group 3 VIDEO



Group 4 Four Seasons Fortune Team

The strategy is in place, and the results are multiplied with half the effort.

Weight does not affect the final victory at all, double buff of wisdom and physical strength,

Easily get the crown of this hike, amazing!

#Group 4 VIDEO



Group 5 Six-pointed star team

It's not that there is no desire to win or lose, but that everyone pays more attention to the friends who have not participated in the hike before.

Slow down for more beautiful scenery and also the happiest group.

#Group 5 VIDEO



Group 6  66 goes smoothly team

Boss combination, "professional" to the bottom line.

Why, you understand?

#Group 6 VIDEO



Fancy's 5th FancyWalking Camp is open for appointments in September 2023, welcome to come and find abuse,

More exciting next year!

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