15 Signs Your Dog is VERY Happy and Healthy

As a loving pet owner, we all want our dogs to be happy, however dogs can’t speak the same language as us. So sometimes it is difficult to tell if they're actually enjoying themselves or not, and some dogs may be so laid back that they may never seem happy even though they're sending subtle sides that they love the life you are giving them.Here are 15 sides that indicate your dog is truly happy.


Number 15 they mind their manners, dogs who exhibit destructive or aggressive behaviors, such as tearing up furniture or carpet snarling or biting are generally under stress anxiety or perhaps even bored. Some dogs feel extremely anxious when they are left alone without their human and they chew to relieve the stress of separation anxiety. Dogs may also chew out of boredom, especially if they have unspent energy destructive. Chewing is a dog’s way of keeping themselves occupied. Your dog probably needs more play exercise and physical activity to work off some energy conversely, if your dog is well behaved it's a sign that they're happy. But there are exceptions to this rule, young puppies who are teething often chew on things to relieve sore gums and soothe their teeth. Keep in mind that some breeds of dogs are feistier than others but a dog with good manners and behavior is generally a happy dog.

Number 14. coat appearance, a dog's coat reflects their health and mental state.  A shiny clean coat is a sign of good health and an indicator that a dog isn't experiencing any emotional or environmental stress. An unhappy dog will have uneven fur and a disheveled look, they may even start to neglect their grooming routine. Sometimes their skin might also appear to flake. If this happens to your dog, consult your vet as this could be a sign of a health issue.

Number 13. their appetite is healthy. In general, a dog who is eager to chow down is feeling happy healthy and content, if your canine companion refuses to eat or has a diminished appetite, it could be a sign that they're not feeling well or that they're experiencing anxiety or stress. It could also be something more serious like an illness, if your dog isn't eating like their usual self, make sure to visit a vet.


Number 12 they appear relaxed and calm happy.  Dogs aren't always overt about their happiness so if you've got a particularly chill dog. Don’t worry, being calm and relaxed are also signs that your canine companion is content. In fact,  healthy happy adult dogs usually sleep for up to 16 hours a day if your dog isn't sleeping that much, it could be a sign of stress or illness. 


Number 11. they are excited to see you. Another sign your dog is happy is the excitement and enthusiasm they get when you come home.  A happy dog will look forward to seeing you and greeting you when you return home. Your furry friend will be waiting for you all day and will look for you to play with them and enjoy your company. On that note, keep in mind that a happy dog gets excited about things like dinner playing walks or whatever it is they love. Some dogs also hop or bounce which can look like dancing to show their excitement.


Number 10 they lean against you. Happy dogs make a lot of body contact if your dog reacts stays close or even leans in towards you. This is a clear indication that your dog loves you and they're enjoying the contact. In other words your dog is happy to be with you, if your dog is unhappy at something or someone is making them stressed they may try to hide or take themselves off to another area if they can. They'll even try to turn their head away from that person.

Number 9 they are playful, dogs that are happy are often playful. In order to enjoy play, dogs have to be carefree and relaxed. If they are stressed about something or in pain, they often won't play much, they may hobble over to play with a ball, but they will quickly drop it and return to what they were doing. If your dog is uninterested in playtime, they may be feeling unwell or in pain, but remember just because your dog isn't playful doesn't mean they're unhappy. Many dog breeds just aren't playful or may be too laid back to take part in energetic activities.


Number 8 they expose their belly. If your dog rolls over and shows off their belly next to you, it's a sign that they are happy. Dogs who expose their belly are in a very vulnerable position, asking for affection in the form of belly rubs, shows comfort contentment and trust. Your dog's relaxed body anticipating a hand to pet them or play with them is a sure sign of happiness.

Number 7 they show relaxed body language. When a dog is happy , their whole body and tail will look relaxed and they often wiggle.  A happy dog's whole body can wag along with their tail. Happy canines will also appear to smile they will have a soft relaxed mouth. And while some teeth may be visible, it’s not in an aggressive manner. A lolling tongue also is often a sign that your dog is content.


Number 6. play bow ,have you ever seen dogs playing. They chase each other, jump on each other, run in circles, and sometimes mouth at each other's face. At some point, you may notice that they bow for a few seconds before jumping around, while it might seem like the dog is getting ready to attack. It is actually an invitation to play. Play bow is when dogs place their chest on the ground with their butt in the air, this playful gesture is a clear sign that your dog is excited and is trying to initiate play with you or another animal.

Number 5. your dog always looks you in the eye. Soft eye contact is a major sign of trust in canines, so those loving looks the two of you share while hanging out together on the couch are sure signs of a happy dog. Dogs also make eye contact as a way to check in with you and make sure you're feeling as happy as they are.


Number 4 your dog tries hard to obey the rules. Stubbornness can be a sign of discomfort or anger in dogs much like an insolent child. Dogs too will deliberately ignore your commands when they are angry. If you know your dog is capable of sitting or rolling over, but they suddenly stop responding to you that could be an indication that your dog is upset by you, or something in their environment.  Some people think training a dog is all about the dog, but it's actually about the bond shared on both ends of the leash if a dog doesn’t trust their owner they are less likely to respond well to training.


Number 3 your dog laughs when you play with them. Believe it or not, dogs laugh just like humans do, although it doesn't sound exactly the same. Dog laughter is also known as play panting and dogs make this sound when they're especially happy. The sound was discovered by animal researchers who found that play panting has a different frequency than regular panting interestingly enough. Scientists have found that this laughing sound also seems to have an inspiring effect on the behavior of other dogs. Researchers played sounds of dog laughter over a loudspeaker for canines in an observation room, each of whom would then grab a toy and look around for the laughing playmate.

Number 2 they cuddle up with you, if your dog curls up next to you this is a reaffirming sign that they are happy. Dogs are pack animals and like to sleep next to individuals people, dogs or other animals that they're bonded to. This behavior means they enjoy your company and want to be close to you. A happy dog will want to spend time with their family and will come to you for attention. On that note remember that some dogs are more independent than others and there are differences in personalities that need to be taken into account.


Number 1 hopping have you ever noticed that when you come home after a long day, your pet starts hopping. Dogs do this when they are particularly happy like when it's time to play. Your dog is just really excited about what's currently going on and they can't contain their happiness.

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