10 Things You Must Stop Doing to Your Cat

As valued family members cats deserve to be treated with love compassion and utmost care, however even the most responsible cat owners can slip up and do things that can potentially harm their feline companions. In this article we will look at 10 things you should stop doing to your cat.


#1 Don’t yell at them when they misbehave

You should never yell at your cat when disciplining them. It doesn’t work. You're just freaking out your pet. Especially when you are upset about something that has happened a while ago. Cats live in the moment and are incapable of associating any punishment with an action that occurred in the past. Your cat not only will get scared, but they will be very confused as well. 

#2 Don’t force them to interact with you

Cats are very independent creatures. They don’t like to be smothered with affection and they need some personal space every now and then. Make sure you provide them all the personal space they want. Likewise, provide your cat with a place where they can hide, be alone, and feel comfortable and secure. 


#3 Don’t make them hate their crate

Do you have trouble getting your cat into their carrier? It’s probably because any time your cat goes into a carrier, it’s to go to the vet. You can break this association by leaving your carrier open in your home. Your pet will sniff it, lie inside it, and all around get used to it. 

#4 Don’t bathe them

Cats are excellent at grooming themselves and they rarely need to be washed. If you decide to wash them, once or twice a year is enough. By washing your cat frequently, you’re doing them no favors. 

#5 Don’t hug them like a baby

When you pick up a cat and cradle them like a baby, they may feel vulnerable and want to find a place to get back to where they feel they are in control of their surroundings.


#6 Don’t surprise them

You probably have watched videos of cats getting scared of cucumbers, but what actually happens is that your cat isn’t afraid of the cucumber itself, but it is the fact that the cucumber appeared next to them without them noticing it. Cats tend to be scared of the unknown, as it could represent a danger or predator, and in the case of a cucumber, a snake.  Although some may find it funny, surprises cause anxiety and fear in your cat. It’s best to look for other ways to have fun with your pet. 


#7 Don’t skip the vet

Regular check-ups are so important for your furbaby’s health. The vet can identify issues you might not even be aware of. 

#8 Don’t give bones to them

Contrary to what cartoons often show, house cats have no business gnawing on fish skeletons or any cooked bones. Cooked bones are a serious danger to felines because they can splinter and get stuck in a cat's throat or stomach


#9 Don’t declaw them

This one is a must to avoid. Declawing is torturous to cats. It would be akin to cutting off our fingers at the last knuckle, leading to pain and mobility issues. It can even breed a sense of feeling vulnerable or defenseless. 


#10 Don’t stick with dry food

Many cats don't like water so they don't drink enough of it. Because of this, they are more prone to developing urinary crystals and even kidney problems. More often than not, this can be prevented simply by adding wet food to your cat's diet. You can even add a little water to your cat’s food.

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