1 Positive Way To Correct Your dog’s Unwanted Behavior

Lakena J. Hammond  Wonderful Product

I just adopted a rescue dog that was about 50 pounds. She Had been moved from foster home to foster home. The first adoptive parents had taken her to the vet and put her on tranquillizers to keep her calm. Sadie was a fast and deep hole digger, She was uncontrollable in the home.

 After three days, I decided it was time to get a shock collar for her. I had been against them and thought they were a cruel way to train. After a few short days of being shocked (only a few times, she was more scared of the beeping and vibrating around her neck) she was 80% better in the home. We have some work to do still but I will say that this was a life saver for her. 

She listens to commands most of the time. If she does not listen I use the beeping part of the collar and she will usually respond. Some times I vibrate her but that surely gets her attention. The battery lasts all day, I charge it at night while she is in the crate. The range I don't know if it goes a half of a mile but I live on a 27 acre farm and she got out the second day I had the collar and when I shocked her she came running back home. It is so simple to use and affordable. It made our lives together much happier. She's a good girl. Thank you for this product.

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