New Arrival of Bark Control Collar

The collar has an integrated smart chip, so you don't always need to take care of your dog. Put the collar on your dog and leave him alone while you go to work/school/meet with friends. The collar will automatically activate and correct your dog's behavior when you are not there.

Adjustable Reflective Tape

Suitable for all sizes of dogs, adjust the reflective tape according to the size of your dog, the reflective tape allows you to find your dog quickly even in the dark.





Safe protect system

The triggered dual identification system can greatly reduce false triggers caused by the surrounding environment, such as crying children, car horns, environment, such as crying children, car horns or other environmental noise.




Our accessories

Receiver*1、Nylon Strap*1 、User Manual*1、USB Charging Cable*1、Long Contact Point*2、Short Contact Point*2、Long Conductive Silicone Sleeve*2、Short Conductive Silicone Sleeve*2、Test Light*1




It is easy to switch between these modes by simply pressing the button. You can also set the sensitivity level of this shock collar for dogs, making it an especially customized shock collar that fits your dog well.

Shock mode intelligent program: As a warning signal The first bark will not trigger the shock mode but just beep and vibration. If the second bark occurs in 20 seconds it will trigger the shock mode. And the third bark in 20 seconds will also not trigger the shock mode. And for all next barks occurs in 20s will trigger the shock mode. But if next bark occurs AFTER 20 seconds it will turn back as the previous bark mode. And if next bark occurs AFTER 1 minute it will turn back as the first bark mode.

Why do we choose Fido Fave bark shock collar?

1. Automatic stop barking, easy to use even for complete beginners.

2. Humanized and effective training mode.

3. 2 training modes for you to choose: no static mode and static mode.

4. No false trigger and safety protection system, meaning no false correction and no over-correction.

5. long-lasting rechargeable battery for your convenience.

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