Custom Grooming Routines Based on Your Dog's Activity Level

Creating a custom grooming routine tailored to your dog's activity level is crucial for maintaining their health and appearance. Here’s a detailed approach on how to adapt grooming practices based on how active your dog is:


Start by explaining why a dog's activity level influences its grooming needs, emphasizing that more active dogs might encounter more dirt, debris, and potential skin irritants.

Low Activity Dogs

  • Skin Care: Focus on regular brushing to distribute natural oils and prevent matting.
  • Bathing Frequency: Less frequent baths unless the dog has specific skin conditions.
  • Nail Care: Regular trimming, as less active dogs don’t wear down their nails naturally.

Moderate Activity Dogs

  • Brushing Needs: More frequent brushing sessions to remove dirt and prevent tangles.
  • Ear and Paw Care: Regular checks for debris or irritation from moderate outdoor activities.
  • Bathing Routine: Monthly bathing or as needed after particularly dirty outings.

High Activity Dogs

  • Post-Activity Cleaning: Quick wipes or rinses after intense activities to remove mud or contaminants.
  • Frequent Grooming Sessions: More frequent full grooming sessions to manage tangles and remove burrs or seeds from fur.
  • Special Attention to Paws and Ears: Thorough cleaning of paws and ears to prevent infection.

Seasonal Considerations

Discuss how changes in seasons can affect grooming frequency and techniques, advising more intense care during seasons with extreme weather conditions.

Professional Grooming

For all levels, especially high-activity dogs, recommend periodic professional grooming sessions to deep clean and properly manage any specific breed-related grooming needs.


Wrap up by stressing the importance of adapting grooming routines to fit the dog’s lifestyle, ensuring that all pet owners understand how regular grooming contributes to their pet’s overall health and happiness.

Call to Action

Encourage dog owners to observe their pet’s response to different grooming techniques and seek advice from professionals to create the most effective grooming routine for their active dogs.