Advanced Grooming: Styling Tips for Dog Shows

Begin by emphasizing the importance of grooming in dog shows, which can significantly impact a dog’s performance and the judges' impression.

Basic Preparation for Dog Shows

  • Understanding Breed Standards: Discuss the importance of knowing the specific grooming standards for each breed as outlined by kennel clubs like the AKC.
  • Grooming Schedule: Outline a grooming schedule leading up to the show to ensure the dog looks its best on the day.

Tools of the Trade

  • Essential Tools: List the essential grooming tools needed for preparing a show dog, such as brushes, combs, clippers, and finishing sprays.
  • Investing in Quality: Stress the importance of high-quality grooming tools that can handle precise styling needed for show dogs.

Coat Preparation and Styling

  • Bathing Techniques: Provide detailed instructions on how to properly bathe a show dog, including tips on removing stains and using coat conditioners.
  • Hair Trimming: Discuss specific trimming techniques that enhance the dog's natural shape and meet breed standards.
  • Coat Enhancing Products: Suggest products that enhance the coat’s shine, volume, and texture without causing damage.

Specialized Styling Tips by Breed

  • Long-Coated Breeds: Offer tips for managing and styling breeds with long coats, such as setters or collies, to prevent tangles and maintain sheen.
  • Short-Coated Breeds: Advice on bringing out the natural luster and smoothness in short coats, such as those of boxers or bulldogs.
  • Curly and Wire-Coated Breeds: Techniques for defining curls in poodles or stripping coats in wire-haired terriers.

Handling and Presentation

  • Handling Techniques: Tips on how to handle the dog during the show to best display its attributes.
  • Last-Minute Prep: Discuss last-minute grooming adjustments and checks just before entering the ring.

Common Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

  • Over-Grooming: Warn about the dangers of over-grooming, which can lead to skin irritation or coat damage.
  • Stress Management: Provide strategies to keep both the dog and handler calm and focused during the grooming and show process.


  • Post-Show Care: Instructions on properly caring for the dog’s coat and skin after a show, helping to recover from any styling products or stress.


Wrap up by emphasizing the craftsmanship and dedication required in grooming a dog for shows, and how it can greatly enhance the dog’s appearance and show performance.

Call to Action

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