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Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush with UV Sterilization

Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush with UV Sterilization

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  • THE PERFECT GROOMING TOOL: Gently removes undercoat, loose hair, knots, flakes and trapped dirt. Best for dogs and cats with longer coats and non-sensitive skin. that not only keep your pets clean, but also provide you with a clean and hygienic environment at home.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: one-click cleaning button. All you have to do is press the clean button to retract the bristles and wipe hairs away. and the hair will be removed from the brush super easily. And our pet brush is washable, which can keep the brush hygienic.
  • UV Sterilization:This brush adopts ultraviolet design, which can help you find small disease spots or cat moss, and can effectively treat it. Allows your pet to enjoy the fun of hair removal while enjoying UV sterilization.
  • Great for Grooming and Massage : It comes with smooth edges and rounded teeth, easy to hold and gentle comb teeth for brushing. Use it to remove hair and eliminate knots, dander, and trapped dirt without hurt your pet. Your kitten, puppy, cat, dog, or senior pet will love the feel of grooming and massage.
  • DEVELOPED FOR BETTER: A non-slip ergonomic comfort grip made of silicone and thumb rest allow easy control. The round bead shedding brushes can massage your pets and keep your pet's skin from scratching. The design of stainless steel needles with a 60 degree bend and some elasticity is good for preventing skin disease and increasing blood flow.
  • Package Information: 8.3 x 3.4 x 1.7 inch, 0.26 pound one set
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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Good size for brush !

Very comfortable and soft. My kitty liked it

easily removes hair

love that all I have to do is push button and cat hair falls off brush and into trash !!

Attention Long Haired Cat Owners!

My senior balinese cat HATES getting brushed. We had tried her with several different grooming brushes that did work, but she hated them because of how rough they were on her. They would be hard to use cause of how thick her fur was, and the ones more comfortable simply would not assist in removing all her excess hair. Brushing her with a shedding brush would often result in hair flying all over the place- so much so that we had to brush her outside cause of how much hair we were surrounded with, so needless to say, they were messy.

She LOVES it!! and so do I!
This brush is so easy to hold and even easier to use. At first glance, the bristles looked a little sharp, but my cat made it very clear to me she was comfortable with it. She had developed several knots from refusing to be brushed before, but in one to two sessions, I was able to remove all of them effortlessly with this brush. The best part is hair didn't fly nearly as much, and she didn't run. Cleanup is a breeze, and my cat loves it so much that she gets excited when I pull it out. After several months of not being able to brush her, I am now able to do it once a day.

Works well and easy to use

Got this for my long haired cat. He’s getting older and not taking good care of himself on the backend. So this has been great with brushing him everyday and getting all that loose fur off of him. Easy to use and clean. My cat loves it.


We have a long haired house cat and out of no where he started to get some matts. This brush does not have the plastic tips at the end of bristles which is what we wanted and it works great! Got matts out and cat actually loves being brushed with it. Self cleaner on brush works great so far too. We have used at least 10 times and still works as intended. I would recommend.